Align what you wear on the outside with who you are on the inside.

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Which personal styling service is best for me?

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Personal style plan


Clothes tell a story. They reflect our personality and what’s important to us. Authentic style is more than just a look—it fits your lifestyle, goals and desires. We’ll dig in to discover and identify your personalized style message.


Should it stay or should it go? To be comfortable and confident, we need clothes, shoes and accessories that fit our shape and lifestyle. We’ll organize your looks, evaluating the usefulness of each piece, in order to save you time, money and energy.


Get ready for retail! Building upon what you decided to keep, we’ll shop (online or in-person) for pieces that align with your newly developed style message. With the guesswork gone, purposeful shopping is stress-free and fun.

$997 | For first-time clients

Seasonal Personal Styling Services


Closet cleanse


Feeling fashion frustration? A cluttered closet may be to blame. A closet in chaos is more than just unorganized—it lacks function and alignment with your style message. We’ll rip off the Band-Aid and figure out what works, what doesn’t, and what to do with what remains.

What’s included:

Video Planning Meeting
In-Home Experience
Exclusive Wardrobe Tips
Personalized Shopping Plan
Post Cleanse Call

$397 | For existing clients


outfit refresh


“I have nothing to wear.” Sound familiar? Before buying, consider the alternative—remix pieces you already own in a way that best suits your style, shape and lifestyle. We’ll dive into your wardrobe and strategically identify new looks from your closet and prioritize what’s needed to fill in the gaps.

What’s included:

Video Planning Meeting
In-Home Experience
Expert Styling Tips
Custom Recommendations
Post Refresh Call

$397 | For existing clients


Stress-Free Shopping


No need to shop til you drop. Streamline the process with a wardrobe handpicked for you with your shape, taste and budget in mind. With a predetermined shopping list, we’ll zero in on pieces that complement what you already own and fit your personal style to a T.

What’s included:

Video Planning Meeting
Shop In-Person or Online
Personalized Shopping List
Expert Styling Tips
Post Shopping Call

$397 | For existing clients


Find Your New Favorite


Searching for something specific? Whether it’s a vintage handbag, a winter coat or a replacement for your favorite go-to shoes, save time and frustration by letting àllie la mode find that perfect item missing from your wardrobe. Receive personally selected recommendations from any online store at your price point, sent right to your door. Fill the gap with just a few clicks.

What’s included:

Video Planning Meeting
Custom Recommendations
Initial Style Board to Review
Final Style Board
Post Shopping Call

$147 | For first-time or existing clients

Specialized Personal Styling Services 


Communicating Style


Craft your personal style, and reach your goals.

Are you seeking change? Maybe you’re contemplating a career or personal transition. No matter the reason, you are ready to make a change and the development of your personal style is one gateway to the change you seek.

In Communicating Style, you will learn how to refine your style to achieve your personal and professional goals. The outcomes are aligned with your lifestyle to uncover your unique style personality, while moving you closer to your desired transformation.

$97 | For first-time clients


Presenting Style


Learn how to pitch, book and deliver engaging and research-based Employee Development Programs through your personal styling business.

Presenting Style is an online course that will help you enhance and expand your personal styling offerings. You’ll be provided with research-based programs and turnkey resources that have been clearly outlined and beautifully packaged. Let Presenting Style help you quickly learn, pitch, and deliver to organizations.

$697 | Online Course


Interested in Scheduling a Personal Style Talk or Workshop for Employees, Volunteers or Students?

People believe they can’t afford a stylist, you need to be wealthy or a celebrity but you have absolutely proved this wrong.
— Lien | Charleston, SC