Meet Allie, Style Strategist & Image Expert

One part cosmopolitan and one part friend-next-door.

Internationally trained Style Strategist and Image Expert Allison Allie tackles fashion frustration head on, while helping clients create the visual transformation they seek. 

As a former professor of Business Communication in Belgium, she relied upon real-world experience as well as classroom instruction to create Communicating Style—a methodology that helps individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through visual communication. 

Trained at the London Image Institute and London College of Fashion, Allie also earned an MBA in Marketing and Management from Florida Gulf Coast University and a BS from Indiana University, Bloomington. 

Located in the Washington Metropolitan Area—by way of London, Brussels and Stockholm—Allie puts the “person” in personal stylist, getting to know her clients on a deeper level in order to help define and refine their own unique style.

In her own words…

Allison Allie of àllie la mode in Paris.

On Her Name

In French, à la mode means literally ‘in the fashion.’ For me, living, observing and engaging with European locals was a lesson in the balance between function and fashion. Through àllie la mode, I channel these lessons to support my clients in buying the best affordable quality, altering to ensure optimal fit, finding signature pieces versus following fashion trends, owning less, styling more and, most importantly, knowing yourself in order to dress comfortably and confidently.  

On Her Signature Style 

The heart of my style is the third piece: something you wear in addition to a top and bottom. It adds a put-together element to an outfit. Vintage jackets, statement-making shoes, gold jewelry and second-hand luxury scarves, these are outfit makers and money savers. Plus, I love shopping my closet by styling one piece three ways—accessories allow you to do this. Oh, the possibilities!

On Her Approach

As a stylist, I’m not here to say what you need to be wearing based on the fashion trends for a particular point in time. It’s more about asking, “How do you feel?” Then, “how do you want to feel?” I don’t give blanketed advice. We are so unique and special in our own way that it would be short-sighted to give clients a specific list of the “10 must-have items” in your closet because those pieces might not fit your lifestyle, your shape or your tastes. I focus on core pieces with the client’s personality and roles in mind.

On Her Clients

My clients are real and what they feel is real. In a society dominated by social media, it’s often about an image rather than an individual—and the individual is what we need to celebrate. I listen to my clients, and push them and challenge them in a positive way. I get to know the client first, then together we set a plan. 

On Her Motivation

Clients typically come to me with a need or a problem or a dream or a goal. Whatever it is, it’s a change, and they’re seeking a change for the better. It’s something they either want to improve within themselves, or they want their environment to change around them. To hear their frustrations, to see their growth—my motivation is witnessing their experience and being part of their transformation.