Understands My Style

Shopping with Allison was like shopping with a friend who made you the number one priority! When a piece did not quite work, she had the most gentle and professional way of letting me know without making me feel uncomfortable. With Allison's talent, I got a terrific mix-and-match wardrobe that I can dress-up or down. I can't wait to shop together again! --- Kerri | 40s

Customized ‘Look Book’

This. Is. AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH! What a great recap of everything we discussed. I love all the pictures you included. They are a great inspiration. I’m headed to Antwerp to shop, and I’m taking my list with me. ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t do my appreciation justice. --- Wendy | 40s

Maternity Photos

Selecting outfits for a photo shoot is an important task since you will look at the pictures for years to come. My husband and I worked with Allison to create three looks from our closets verses shopping. We discussed our preferred styles and it took no time before Allison combined various pieces that worked in ways we never thought of – Voila! --- Krista | 30s

Reset My Style

Thank you for the style advice! It was fun and I learned a lot. I am wearing skinny jeans with one of those sweaters you told me to mix with. ☺ --- Kristina | 40s

Mother-Daughter Day

You are so fun, positive, and supportive. My daughter will enjoy her new clothes and start school with a sense of confidence knowing that you helped her. We both appreciate your time and honest suggestions. --- Julie | 40s

New Outfits, No Shopping?!

Our outfit refresh session was really fun, and I learned a lot. You'd be proud of me...I have worn three completely new outfits, and wore accessories. I'm a new woman! --- Claire | 40s

My New Look with Allison’s Touch

It was a very positive and motivational shopping experience! I already wore some of the new clothes and I felt really confident and put together. Thank you for your fashion advice and devotion! --- Elena | 30s

Shoe Shopping Spree

I had a great time! Thank you very much for helping me pick some lovely shoes and showing me a new a new part of Brussels. I am already wearing the green ones – very comfortable! --- Hettie | 50s

Closet Detox

It’s awesome! Love it! Last weekend I cleaned up the rest of my closet and more shoes, etc. It’s so freeing! Thank you for all your help and encouragement! --- Misty | 40s

Au Revoir, Hand-Me-Downs!

It feels good to have all of those extra clothes that I never wear out of my closet! I’m really excited about going shopping with you and having a better idea of what would look good on me and what I need to build my style, thank you again! --- Claire | 16

Saved Time, Frustration, and Money

I hate shopping! So it was a great relief to discover àllie la mode. Finding the right style, the right sizes, and the right stores was made easy with the help of Allie. I saved time and frustration because she scouts the stores beforehand. I also saved money by buying pieces that mix and match to my existing wardrobe to build on what I already own. --- Pam | 60s