style advice

Learn how to identify your signature look, dress for your shape, and which silhouettes, colors, patterns, and fabrics compliment your personality and lifestyle. The results give you confidence to be the best version of yourself in any social or professional situation.

closet detox

Less is so much more. An overstuffed closet equals an overwhelming outfit selection. Clear the unworn, outdated, and ill-fitting items to simplify and organize your getting-ready process.


outfit refresh

Create a handful of outfits from items you already own. Mix and match versatile options and reference you go-to outfits from your online Lookbook.


stress-free shopping

Reap the benefits of receiving the right clothes and accessories that fit your shape, taste, style, and budget. Bonus – you’ll learn how items can be worn in several different ways or with pieces you already own.


packing list

Meeting clients? Studying abroad? Moving cities? Maximize your outfit options minus additional baggage fees.

occasion wear

It only happens once a year: a wedding, prom, family photo, anniversary, or your birthday. No matter the frequency of special events, you’ll have a memorable head-to-toe look.

maternity style

Maintain your personal style during pregnancy with chic and comfortable threads that compliment you and your growing bump.

customized consult

If you have a special item or look in mind, or you want an option that fits you and your needs, just make it known and, together, we’ll create your own.

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