A time to give thanks. How fitting that November marks the 5-year anniversary of Style & Business Essentials — Wait, who?

You recognize àllie la mode as offering personal styling and shopping solutions (we’re not going anywhere), but it’s time to share more about the past to introduce the future — along with the many supporters near and far.

The intention of starting Style & Business Essentials was to educate others about the impact of their visual communication, internally and externally. As an Adjunct Professor of Business Writing (do you know that little fun fact?), my traditional environment of learning has transitioned to your closet and/or favorite store.

During the past five years, we’ve styled outfits, detoxed wardrobes, and shopped in Belgium, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arkansas, Sweden, and Virginia (to name a few). No matter the city, culture, or client, the conversation remains the same: “I want to make a change.”

Now, the depth of ‘change’ varies from seeking a job promotion, life partner, career transition, graduation, relocation, divorce, weight-gain/loss, confidence boost, and insert your reason here.

The point is, what we see in the mirror is often not a reflection of who we currently are and where we want to be.

As a Personal Stylist + Style Educator, my mission is to define (or refine) your personal style in order to change the way you see yourself and the way others react to you. In doing so, you’ll achieve your personal + career goals. (Remember that list of reasons above?)

Your visual communication is part of your personal brand: your words, your actions, your appearance. While it’s tempting to shrug-off appearance as outwardly shallow, how you choose to present yourself translates into respect, for yourself, others, and the work you do. It’s essential.

Because whether or not you read fashion magazines or choose to ignore assumptions, you wear clothes every day and your clothes tell a story.

That my friends, is the future of Style & Business Essentials — to focus on communicating your ambitions, emotions, and trustworthiness through what you wear and how you wear it.

It’s called, Communicating Style.

And that message you communicate, the draft begins from within. Before we detox a closet or step into a store, our conversations may take place within a conference room or online. But no matter the location, the topics will be personal and unique, just like you.

We’ll talk more about the future, but let’s pause in November (and beyond) to give thanks — and celebrate those special people in our lives whom have supported us so that we are able to support others.

Thank you for taking the time to read a post, type a comment, or mail a note; I give thanks to you every day.

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