Style & Business Essentials, Inc. is dedicated to improving the level of professionalism, self-confidence, and self-esteem within women and men by coaching individuals on enhancing visual appearance, producing impactful verbal communication, and conveying effective non-verbal communication.

àllie la mode is an international service under Style & Business Essentials, Inc. where founder, Allison Allie, provides personalized styling and shopping solutions to women and men wanting customized recommendations offered from an actual stylist. This relationship-based service gives clients personal assistance in selecting the most flattering cuts, fabrics, colors, and styles tailored to enhance unique personalities, budgets, or lifestyles. Since 2013, Allie has developed extensive relationships with clients ages 15 – 60 from petite to plus size.

Although body types and style preferences differ, one factor is consistent: fashion frustration. With so many style, price, size, and brand options, it can be difficult to create or purchase a wardrobe that can be worn easily and confidently. While living as an expatriate in Belgium and teaching business communication, Allie began researching the impact of visual communication and exploring how a comprehensive personalized styling service can help women and men identify their personal style; make it easy to select various outfits; and learn how to purchase flattering clothing and accessories. The three-step solution to style frustration is the S.O.S approach: style, organize, and shop.

Style. In order to communicate a consistent and appropriate visual story, one must understand his or her personal style from the inside out. Allie takes the client through a process of lifestyle and personality evaluations, identifying the client’s various roles and objectives. Together, they fine-tune outfit formulas, as per one’s body shape and lifestyle, and create an authentic style profile.

Organize. The client’s style profile is used to transform his or her current wardrobe into options that look appropriate and feel great for any social or professional situation. A closet detox clears the unworn, outdated, and ill-fitting items to simplify and organize future outfit options.

Shop. By understanding the fit and style of each item within a closet provides insight to create a shopping list of missing pieces that will either enhance or complete a look. A specific list is made, a budget is set, and the authentic style profile is followed in order to become a more selective, thoughtful shopper. The goal is to deliberately purchase pieces that fit a client’s style, shape, and selection.

Allison N. Allie is an international Personal Stylist and Style Educator trained by the London Image Institute, London College of Fashion, and received a MBA in Marketing and Management from the Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University. Allison lives in Stockholm, Sweden and consults in Naples, FL; Chicago, IL; and beyond. In 2016, àllie la mode launched an online styling and shopping experience to bring versatile outfits from various brands and price points to U.S. clients’ front door.