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Closet Detox


Clear the unworn, outdated, and ill-fitting items to simplify and organize your getting-ready process.

Outfit Refresh


Mix what you own into new combinations and renew your excitement for getting dressed.


Focused on You

Allie is organized and keeps you focused on your needs and what works best for your body type. She does a great job in planning a stress-free shopping day from bringing you different outfits and sizes to try on in the dressing room, zipping you up to carrying all your bags! It was a fun day! Thank you, Allie! --- Pam | 60s

Mom-To-Be Style

The experience went way beyond what colours and patterns are suitable for pregnant women and focused on my maternity style vision. We discussed certain areas where I feel self-conscious and identified ways to enhance my growing shape. I didn’t need to know exactly what I wanted, but Allison created combinations based on my input. --- Krista | 30s

Closet Detox

It’s awesome! Love it! Last weekend I cleaned up the rest of my closet and more shoes, etc. It’s so freeing! Thank you for all your help and encouragement! --- Misty | 40s

Au Revoir, Hand-Me-Downs!

It feels good to have all of those extra clothes that I never wear out of my closet! I’m really excited about going shopping with you and having a better idea of what would look good on me and what I need to build my style, thank you again! --- Claire | Teen