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Closet Detox


Clear the unworn, outdated, and ill-fitting items to simplify and organize your getting-ready process.



Meet Wendy. Full-time all-American style, part-time in search of the perfect Chanel jacket.


Understands My Style

Shopping with Allison was like shopping with a friend who made you the number one priority! When a piece did not quite work, she had the most gentle and professional way of letting me know without making me feel uncomfortable. With Allison's talent, I got a terrific mix-and-match wardrobe that I can dress-up or down. I can't wait to shop together again! --- Kerri | 40s

Focused on You

Allie is organized and keeps you focused on your needs and what works best for your body type. She does a great job in planning a stress-free shopping day from bringing you different outfits and sizes to try on in the dressing room, zipping you up to carrying all your bags! It was a fun day! Thank you, Allie! --- Pam | 60s

Closet Detox

It’s awesome! Love it! Last weekend I cleaned up the rest of my closet and more shoes, etc. It’s so freeing! Thank you for all your help and encouragement! --- Misty | 40s

Au Revoir, Hand-Me-Downs!

It feels good to have all of those extra clothes that I never wear out of my closet! I’m really excited about going shopping with you and having a better idea of what would look good on me and what I need to build my style, thank you again! --- Claire | 16